Life Safety Compliance


We go beyond simply helping customers tick the ‘compliance box’. We do what we do to achieve a greater purpose – To Save Lives. We work towards empowering businesses and facilities to protect the lives of the people who rely on them – their staff, visitors, and general occupants.

To do this, we believe in changing the way things are traditionally done in the industry. Instead of providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we work in with our clients’ needs. For us, it’s about improving engagement with our clients and their end-users, and constantly looking for better ways of doing things. It’s important for us to align our approach with the expectations of our clients.


Everything we do is anchored on our core values. They are the driving force behind our actions, decisions, priorities, interaction with clients, and the way we conduct our business. Our core values guide us as we work towards our greater goal of saving lives.

They are:

Progress – To keep improving our outcomes each and every day

Perform – To focus on achieving our goals and those of our clients

Trust – To inspire confidence in our colleagues and clients


EvacGroup spans three brands:


Life Safety Compliance